Monday, 6 May 2013


After a week I've learnt about Adobe Photoshop,it makes me totally amaze about this software.This software have many parts of editing a picture.For example the use of wrapping style and how to make a film strips by using the setting.In this Photoshop,my lecturer also stressed on how to use an original picture and paste it to Photoshop.There are many kinds of setting in this software.This may attract students' attention in using technology and also makes students feel it as easy way to deliver meaningful words or an informative poster.

Thursday, 2 May 2013


Well let's just continue viewing my blog by watching this video.
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*This video is another element that using ICT and the critical thinking.

This video is published based on our ideas and with help that have been given by our lecturer.It takes about two weeks to make sure this video is clearly accepted by our lecturer.The main point in this instructional video is more on how a student is guided by this video.In easy words,how this video can make sure that the students are fully understand about new information and try to apply it correctly.Therefore,this video is published as an example and also a guide for students to use video setting as a way to spread the new information.

Thursday, 18 April 2013



First of all,I would like to ask you, have you heard the word of 'PEDAGOGY'? Have you heard this before at anywhere?I'm sure that not all of us know what is actually it means,right? For me,all these questions come to my mind when I first heard this word.

Does this word comes from German?
What is it means?
Why it is called so?
What can we implement from this word?
With it's phonic,it makes me more eager towards what does it means. 
Then,I have my full reading on the meaning of 'PEDAGOGY' and try to figure it out.
The meaning and also it's function. I realize that, the word is very meaningful especially for teachers. So,this is what I have found....


"Why is there no word in English for the art of learning?Webster says that pedagogy means the art of teaching.What is missing is the parallel word for learning. In schools of education,courses on the art of teaching are simply listed as “methods.” 
Everyone understands that the methods of importance in education are those of 
teaching—these courses supply what is thought to be needed to become a skilled teacher. But what about methods of learning?"

                                                                            - Seymour Papert, The Children’s Machine

From the words above,it is clearly stated that 'Pedagogy' means the art and science of learning,or in easy way, it is the method of learning. Pedagogy also can be said as the art and skill of teaching for successful and desired outcome.

For me, Pedagogy is the ability, creativity and imagination of a teacher brings and uses in a learning session. This ability influences a group of learners in order to catch, maintain,hold and focus students' attention, imagination and creativity on a learning content.

This influence delights and raises the learners desire to investigate, discover, discuss and reflect their findings. Such findings remain, knowingly or unknowingly part and parcel of their understanding.


This is how Pedagogy works in the blog :

(The Advantages)


Picture is a very effective way to use to attract students' attention. Pictures in blog help students to understand and also an awesome part for a new learner. Pictures used in the blog can be in motion or picture that does not have any movement. There is a saying says, "Pictures worth thousands words". Thus, this means,pictures can conclude many thing by a learner.With this setting in blog,it helps students a lot especially for children.



Widgets are the other settings that helps our blog looks interesting.With widgets,a teacher can put on the watch,quotes,templates,votes,fashion designs,questions on other inetresting topic,page rank and so on.By using those widgets,our blog will looks vary and fun.For a Muslim,we can use the widgets to state the quotes from Ulama' or our Prophet,Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.Thus,this may improve the morals in one's heart and spread out our Dakwah.


Video??What video??Why video???
Video is another easy way for a student to relate and understand about the lesson. This is because, when we are using videos,we can demonstrate something in the easier way rather than try to explain it in plain text. If we are not very good at explaining it is kind of pointless to try make people understand on what we are talking about,especially for students and teachers.This is definitely the quicker, easier and more effective way to express our thoughts and lessons.


These are surely will helps other communicate with blogger.Through this part,other blogger may state their opinions and suggestions about the topic that we have wrote before.Commenting on blog posts is a great way to enter in the community.Yes,in a short words,you are participating in a conversation.Another blogger would just comment please follow me,and thank you for the text today.

5. LINKS :

Links are very important in a blog.This is because to prove the lessons you have posts and for students' guidelines.Linking your post back to an established website of authority will show your readers where we got the information from.

6. AUDIO :

Audio is another important element that makes your blogs looks attractive.Through audio,students tend to listen carefully and enjoy the harmonies in audio.Audio helps students to think critically and creative.Audio can not easily be uploaded.First,it has to be embedded then it is easy to be uploaded.


Banner is the main thing that plays an important roles for a blog.This is because,the banner is the 'hit' for a person to search the blogs.Simple and significant banner helps students find our blogs easily. For example,a student wants to find this blog,he or she would easily just enter the words written on banner and the banner just appear!Cool is it?Let's try!


Well,that's all for today,I guess.Thank you for reading,I think blog really helps
students increase their attentions towards learning.
 Blog is a medium for a student to develop what they have learnt in school,
and try to practice it in a good way.
Students also may not boring and enjoy the lessons.

Saturday, 9 March 2013



First of all, I would like to thanks to Dr. Sharifah Sariah Syed Hassan 
(our most kind hearted lecturer of  instructional technology) 
as she had give me this big opportunity to create an interesting blog of education. 
Guessing it is hard to be done is just a load for me actually. Till then,I realise that,
 this is actually the other alternative for a professional teacher teach their student. 
Well, the task given by my lovely lecturer is all about the theories. Theories???
 I keep questioning why an educator have to really understand about those theories??? 
Is that really important??
Well this is how it goes...

       A THEORY??? 

         Here we go! Exploring the world that gives you thousand views and knowledge. Okay, let us just get going with those pictures to get the rough ideas about a theory.

* a theory is the main objective???

     or is it......

* just a significant of fun???

Okay,just stop dizzying yourself with those pictures.

 This is what we called a theory :

A theory is based on hypothesis and usually it comes from a scientist who have their own evidences,
whereas learning theory is the way 
a person or animal learn of something.
Between science theory and psychology theory,
there is a lot of differences that we should know.
For psychology theory,there are two elements that had been counted which are describing one's behavior and also make predictions about future behavior.


Next, in learning theories,there are three famous theories that always 
being discussed by lecturers and students.
And they are.......


Meaning : Behaviorism is the theory of learning that based on the environment stimuli. In the early, a learner is essentially passive. Continuous reinforcement to a learner will shaped the behavior of a learner. Either positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement influence the increasing of possibility of an event happening again.

How To Apply : As a teacher,we can apply this theory through every lesson we taught in school. For example, a teacher should give her or his student immediate feedback in the class.Another example is give the students from a very simple task to a complicated task and rate them by giving reinforcement.


Meaning : Constructivism theory is that a learner can construct his or her own understanding of the world they live in based on experiences.To be simple,constructivism theory is a learning process that adjusting our mental models to adapt with new experiences.

How To Apply : In a lesson, a teacher should encourage communication between the teacher and the students and also between the students. Besides, a teacher also must provide enough time for students to construct their own meaning when learning something new.


Meaning : Cognitive theory emphasizing the idea that individuals do not just passively absorb information, but, rather, interact with information constructing their own individual meanings from it to form knowledge. This theory involved physical acquisition, processing and organization of knowledge, neural structures, in addition to environmental conditions. 

How To Apply : As a teacher, we should be able to vary the concept of information processing theory in order to arrange learning material and help student memorize,we also need to organize new information and relate to existing memory.Lastly, a teacher should encourage student to have active research and give proper help when students have question.


* Congratulations for reading this entry till the end! :)

Well, I guess this is the end for our lesson today. I really hope this will help all of us to be a professional teacher.
Let's practiced those three theories
in our lesson with enjoyment.

  and with that...
i would like

* Thank you for viewing and do enjoy this entry. Have a nice day!